1x1.trans - 7 rules for LinkedIn that everyone should follow

7 LinkedIn rules that everyone should follow

LinkedIn has become one of the most important and widely used resources for professional networking. We know that and it is common knowledge. I want to show you here what you don't know yet.
LinkedIn has replaced the traditional forms of encounter and social coexistence for many professional networkers.
Regardless of whether you are interested in jobs, sales opportunities or just an industry, it is important to consider some platform considerations before you go too deep.

1. not everyone on LinkedIn wants to network

This is a basic rule you should follow. New LinkedIn users are sometimes excited about the idea of making new contacts and are looking for people they don't know yet. While some users also love the idea of meeting new people and connecting with strangers, others tend to be offended and feel that their privacy is being violated when they receive such requests.

Of course you want to avoid such a scenario, because it can disturb a possible connection. Instead, focus on connecting with people you've already met, or connecting with people you've already met. You should make sure that every potential connection knows how you found it and why you want to make a contact.

2. people will immediately recognize spam and advertisements

Most people hate the idea of being advertised. The moment they realize that a message is specifically designed to sell them something, the authority and credibility of the message is immediately destroyed. If one of your connection attempts is considered spam or advertising, the chances of a new contact are poor.
Write special messages for your audience - in your profile, in your connection attempts, and in your discussion comments. Make sure people know that you're not just trying to contact them to make an artificial connection. Be yourself and write unique messages with unique content to avoid appearing impersonal.

3. you should treat your profile like a trademark

A brand is a created identity. Your profile is based on your personality and it should be constantly refined and treated like a professional corporate brand. If you network more on LinkedIn and have different discussions with different people, your target group and your network should all have the same experience with you. This means that your image, your personality and even your language must be synchronized.
By developing your personal brand, people always get the same experience. This continuous consistency and experience gives people confidence and they feel attracted to you and your brand and then come back to you.
By connecting with other social networks, you can expand your audience. It is also important to unify these profiles so that you are perceived equally on all platforms. Remember that LinkedIn is not a place for emotional or personal updates - first and foremost a professional network.

4. your personal touch

Just like in real life, people on LinkedIn long for personal recognition, and if you give it to them, you will land in their grace. You should start any connection with a reference to personal interaction. If you want to connect to a new person, write them a message telling them why the connection is important to you, and provide personal information so that the other person knows that you are sincere. When you send the standard message "Hello, I want to connect" it seems very impersonal and distant.
Follow your connections regularly afterwards. If you see that a person is celebrating a birthday / work anniversary or has started a new job, send the person a congratulatory letter. Also use your own personal words and not the stand wheel suggestions from LinkedIn. Use every opportunity to expand your relationship with small personal messages. Over time, the connection to this contact becomes much stronger.

5. people will judge you by your profile.

Your profile is the first to which your new connection refers, if you have not yet met the person personally and thus leave a first impression. I don't have to tell you how important first impressions are. Carefully building your profile is the best way for your new (and potential) connections to leave your profile with positive thoughts.
But what exactly makes a good profile? I will describe this to you in detail in a later blog.

6. the power of the group

Don't just stay connected with personal profile updates and private messages. Also use the possibilities of groups to improve your potential network and reach people you've never met before in a familiar environment. Get to know the intentions and etiquette of each group and actively participate in discussions and comment on other participants' contributions.
The real chance in groups is to get the chance to introduce yourself to new people. Since you are in the same group, you are no longer a cold contact, but already have something in common with your counterpart. In a group, people will become familiar with your personality and authority, and it is very likely that you will make new connections without outbound effort.

7. personal meetings are still important

Interpersonal relationships cannot thrive exclusively in social media. While the digital environment provides us with a great platform for building new relationships and easily responds to existing ones, face-to-face meetings are still important to build camaraderie and deepen those relationships. However, this is not always possible due to geographical and time constraints. However, whenever you can, try to meet with your most important - or newest - contacts for lunch or a cup of coffee.

bottom line

Don't let these facts scare you away from LinkedIn. When used correctly, it is a great tool with few disadvantages. However, the availability of such a powerful social network also requires new rules for etiquette and your appearance. Once you've familiarized yourself with LinkedIn and the best ways to connect, you can build a network of professional relationships and take advantage of everything the platform has to offer.



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