1x1.trans - Your personal Mindset Filter

Your personal Mindset Filter

Who can use the Mindset Filter? Anyone who wants to evolve.

How can I use the Mindset Fiter? Keep reading, and you'll hear the answer.

When can I use the Mindset Filter? Always and everywhere and in every life situation.

Are there practical examples for the application? Influence family life positively, fight insomnia in stressful work situations, mindset boosts, maintain and revive relationships, etc.

The word "mindset" is often heard when dealing with personality development. This blog post deals with this topic and gives you a clear guide on how you can easily filter your thoughts and feelings and catapult your mindset to new heights.

The possibility I present to you here, I have developed for myself and it works really well for me. I am not claiming here to have found a mindset wonder weapon that can help everyone. Nevertheless, I want to introduce you to my Mindset Filter and I am curious about every comment.

I'd like to point out that I'm not a psychologist. The presented method shall serve as a signpost and shall also be accepted as such.

The Mindset Filter consists of 4 regions:

  1. thoughts
  2. sentiments
  3. rubbish bin
  4. archives

On the following picture you can see these 4 regions with their intended position in your body. The thoughts are in the head and the feelings are in the belly/breast region. The trash can is outside on your right side and the archive is outside on your left side.


1x1.trans - Your personal Mindset Filter

The goal of the filter is that you only allow positive and supportive thoughts and feelings and all negative things that pull you down emanate from your body. Through this positive energy, which now lives in your body, you can feed your motivation and driving force.

Imagine, a thought (e.g. you are already on Monday on the job and you are already worried about all the work) or a feeling (e.g. fear) reaches your body. These things affect you negatively and consume a lot of energy that you can actually use better. It is precisely these negative influences that you can counteract with the Mindset Filter and easily analyze them and decide what to do with them.

It doesn't matter where the thought or the feeling comes from, because we can't or hardly influence that ourselves. But what we can influence is our reaction and attitude to it. The thought described above (a lot of work) and the feeling (fear) are negative in my eyes. This is the trigger to start the Mindset Filter.

Let's start with the thought (a lot of work). There are two stations where you can throw this thought away: Trash can or archive. Garbage can means I don't want this thought with me and immediately out of my head. Now you open your garbage can on the right in your mind and pack this thought (I always imagine it as if I were making a snowball) and throw it into the garbage can and put the lid on it. I know this may sound a little strange now, but for me it's a relief and my head is empty again and I can concentrate on better activities.

But if you have many good thoughts at once (I call it the washing machine), then you don't want to throw them in the trash can. That's what the archive is for. I often use this when I have 10 things on my mind but can't concentrate on anything at the moment. Then simply make a snowball, open the archive on the left, pack it in and close it. This gives me the certainty that the idea or thought is not gone, but has been archived and I can take it out again later. This also makes it easier for me to switch the washing machine from the spin cycle back to the normal cycle.

You do it exactly the same way with the feelings. Although I haven't yet found a feeling that I've archived. That's why there's only two stations for me. I leave the good positive feelings (joy, love, serenity, cheerfulness, gratitude, pride, hope) with me and the negative feelings (anger, annoyance, worries, fear, despair, frustration) in the trash can.

And that's the whole witchcraft. It sounds very simple, but the Mindset Filter also needs practice. I've been using this method for over half a year now and I can only say it works. Of course, there are always situations where you give in to your feelings and thoughts and allow them to happen. But the more I work on myself, the better I can use the filter and get out of unwanted situations and thoughts much faster.

If you want to know more about this topic, please write me an email at armin@Weltisch.com. I am happy to help anyone who wants to try this method.

Book tips from which I have cobbled together the above method:

They are Amazon Affiliate Links. If you buy the book through this link, I get a small commission.

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The success secrets of millionaires: Your key to wealth and success

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