Fabio Galdi CEO of World global network

Fabio Galdi is the founder and CEO of World Global Network. He began his career as an entrepreneur in the People Network Fund and Grüdete in 1994 the second largest Internet service provider in Italy. In 2002 he introduced the first touch screen and developed tailor-made PCs for public offices. A few years ago, Galdi realized that the technology in communication, microprocessors and sensors has advanced very well. He developed the Helo Classic, a Band which, thanks to the latest microprocessors and small sensors, can carry out accurate measurements on the wrist. The Helo LX, the revised version of the first Helo can even perform an ECG in addition to measuring pulse, blood pressure and breathing frequency. In the near future, the new Band will even be able to measure blood sugar levels and alcohol levels and the oxygen content in the blood. This would be the first device that could measure the glucose level in the blood non-invasive. Thus Fabio Galdi would have the holy grail in the fight against diabetes in his hand. The network is waiting anxiously.