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Stocks for beginners

Have you invested in stocks yet? If not, then you probably belong to the lower 80%. Of these 80% of people, only 7% own shares. Almost everyone owns shares of the richest 20%.

So it makes sense to invest in stocks, doesn't it? There is obviously a connection between share ownership and assets.

The above figures come from an article published in 2017 by the National Bureau of Economic Research. vintage here more about it. This article deals with the development of the wealth of the American middle class from 1967 - 2016. Don't worry, you're not affected at all - Pig had 😉

Do you think these numbers are much different in Europe? Doesn't the whole thing make you a little thoughtful, too? I have decided for myself that I will imitate the rich people and simply buy shares myself.

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For many people the purchase of shares is connected with speculation and one does not know anyway exactly how one should begin there. That's where the adventure ends for most people. How, where, when, how much, why.... There are many "W" question marks when you talk about stocks, and that frightens off many.

The important thing is that you know what a stock is. You buy through a stock a share in a real company which manufactures real products or services. No more and no less - not so complicated at all.

You can "use" a stock in two ways:

One, you can buy and sell the stock. This happens on the stock exchange and you make a profit or a loss. Statistically, a loss is more likely than a gain.

2. You earn a dividend through the shares. With the dividend the profit of the company is paid out to the shareholders.

What I will show you in the following video is how I invest in stocks and according to which criteria the stocks are selected. And how to make the most of the above two points by making long-term investments and selecting the right stocks.