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Your target market and avatar

Every business owner with products should understand one thing - his customers. You can have a wonderful product, if there is not the right market for it, there are also no customers or nobody who buys it.

There are many out there who think they have invented or created the ultimate product. This only applies if they solve a problem of their customers with their product and the customers are willing to buy the product at the offered price. Further the availability is of course accordingly important. What good is the best product if it is only available in limited quantities?

DE Dein Zielmarkt und Avatar - Dein Zielmarkt und Avatar

Online products or digital products have grown rapidly in recent years. There is a lot of potential and opportunities in this area. These products are usually available in unlimited quantities and are not tied to a specific location. But also with these products and services we come again to the principle: "Understand your market".

I now ask you to answer the following three questions honestly for yourself:

Who are you addressing with your product / service?

Do you know who your target market is?

Have you ever dealt with the problems / wishes of this market?

If you answer these questions with "No" for yourself then I advise you to watch my new video in which you learn why these three questions above are so extremely important.

Even more, search and find your avatar and give him a face. So you know with whom you communicate and to whom you want to sell your product / service.

Have a look at the cover of this blog again, a digital head with lots of "zeroes and ones" has no identity and is also not tangible for you. It wasn't supposed to be that way. Find out how to give your avatar a face.

As always, I would look forward to your feedback.

DE Dein Zielmarkt und Avatar - Dein Zielmarkt und Avatar