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Blog Facebook 1x1 Basics - Facebook Advertising 1x1 - Part 1 Basics

Facebook Advertising 1×1 - Part 1 Basics

If you want to be successful online these days, you can't avoid a tool - Facebook. In the past, the majority of this platform was dedicated to private exchange. Although this part still exists, there are many Facebook users who use their account for both private and business purposes.

Facebook advertising opens up the whole world or specifically the market you are looking for at the push of a button. Advertising with Facebook can open up new, unimagined possibilities for you. But the handling of advertising and above all the placement of an advertisement must be learned.

In the next blogs I will specifically share what I have learned with you. From practice for practice. The 1×1 of Facebook advertising starts in the first part with the basics.

1x1 FB Advertising Basics - Facebook Advertising 1x1 - Part 1 Basics

But before we get into the topic it is very important that you give some thought in advance:

  1. What do I want to apply for anyway?
  2. Who is my target group?
  3. What is the CTA (Call to Action) of advertising and what happens afterwards?

With Facebook advertising you can advertise a huge amount of things. Your event, Facebook fanpage, homepage, post, product, service, software, app, shop, etc.

It is important to understand that there are different types of advertising on Facebook. Thus some types of advertising only fit to specific things which are to be advertised. But I will deal with this topic in my video.

Further and very important is your target group. You need to know who you're talking to. Here is certainly a preliminary work to be done, which from my point of view is very worthwhile, because you will then advertise for the right people. Because advertising without a plan or passing by your target group is the same as throwing money out of the window.

I have made a separate blog about the target market and avatar, including video. Here is the link to ⇒ blog

You are welcome to look at the 1st part with the basics and then study the blog with the target market. This is an important task to achieve your goals with your advertising campaign.

Finally, the CTA Call to Action is one of the most important of your advertising. Before creating the advertisement, think about what the prospective customer should do at all, so that you achieve what you actually want with the advertisement.

What is the use of advertising where you want to sell a product, if you then direct the prospective customer to your email instead of to the shop? Or how can you register for an event if the interested party does not find a registration form? These are two fictitious examples to show you that the actual advertising can work, but you may still not be satisfied with the result.

It is important that you go through the sequence and logic of the display and the subsequent CTA / sequence in detail and design it accordingly so that it corresponds to what you yourself expect or what you can measure in the end.

So now film off. I hope you can take some of the story with you. If you liked the blog and the video, I would be happy if you would also read the sequels to this Facebook advertising series.

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Here still the ⇒ Part 2 practice and the ⇒ 3rd part Advanced of the blog series.

Have fun and greetings

Claudio from the Weltischteam


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1x1 FB Advertising Basics - Facebook Advertising 1x1 - Part 1 Basics