The new "Helo LX+" and "Helo LX PRO"

Helo LX, was founded one and a half years ago and is a great success on the market. In order to underline this milestone, "Wor(l)d" Technology Corp. is stepping up its investment in Helo products, noting that "Helo LX+" is the linchpin of the entire product range.
Helo LX will be the most important access to "life-support technologies" thanks to its cutting-edge technology and its range of services offered through a complete and detailed reading of PPG. Sophisticated algorithms, developed with "Machine Learning Technology" and owned by Artificial Intelligence, make the "Helo LX+" the perfect device to learn something about yourself every day and to constantly improve your well-being.
With the introduction of the Open API protocol, any developer can access the device and develop a new app for any purpose. The "Helo LX+" Developers Portal is already receiving requests to develop apps with new features and new measurements.
With renovated services and even more measurements, "HELO LX" will be part of the 2018 offer.
In addition to the powerful "Helo LX", "WOR (l)DGN" Technology Corp. will open the next step in life sensing technology sensors to offer users and developers a wide range of applications and measurements: The Helo LX+.
"Helo LX+" follows the design philosophy of simplicity and minimalism and is the last son of the "Helo LX family". Thanks to the introduction of a new set of clinical sensors (green, red LED, NIR and UV), the potential of the Helo LX+ is enormous. This set raises the bar for life sensing technology and, together with Helo LX, makes this series one of the most affordable and technologically advanced.
Thanks to its high scanning frequency, the "Helo LX+" can record a very high quality PPG, which improves the quality and accuracy of the measurements.
"Open API 2.0" reaches a new level with "Helo LX+" as developers have access to the full range of sensors to develop their applications.
"Helo LX+" will include "Helo LX" in the WCOR line-up and will be officially introduced during "CES 2018". 
As a clear demonstration ofWor(l)d Technology Corp.'s intention to take products to another level, Helo LX+ will provide a solid foundation. "Helo LX PRO" is being developed to be the company's first medically approved device!!!
With the experience gained during these years, "Worldgn" has decided to submit the "Helo LX PRO" to the "FDA" and obtain a "510K FDA License".
As the certification process is not always clear, there is no indication of the date of sale of "Helo LX PRO".
Are you ready to be part of the "WOR(L)
D" story?

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