Elvn - the crypto messenger that will change the world

Platincoin opens new doors with its Crypto-Messenger and will catapult the crypto world into the future. What many have said is not possible, proves Platincoin once again and punishes the skeptics lies.
In a first step Bitcoin and Etherum will be integrated. This is proof that all this will be possible in one messenger. At a later point in time, of course, recording will also Platincoin be done.
Here is an overview what the Crypto-Messenger Elvn can do:
  • Share news, photos and videos
  • Easy transfer of Platincoin, Bitcoin, Etherum etc. with a few simple clicks
  • Make the highest quality audio and video calls and get credited Platincoin to your account
  • Publish articles, blog, comment, set Likes and get credited Platincoin to your account
  • Create your own private groups, news channels, develop your business on the Elvnplatform and get credited Platincoin to your account
  • A powerful, multi-stage, Scala-based system for content exchange
  • Comfortable mobile and desktop applications
  • Well designed messenger architecture
  • Number of friends 100'000 (for comparison Facebook allows only 5000)
Bottom line:
Platincoin has managed, with the integration of a wallet, coupled with a convenient and practical user interface, to develop an exceptional crypto-messenger while ensuring a high level of security. This allows users to run millions of "mini-ideals" as easily as sending a message. And are Elvn even Platincoin rewarded by the use of it.
The Elvn Crypto-Messenger will convince the current Crypto Community and unite millions of users worldwide. Especially in areas with a less developed infrastructure, it will set Elvn new standards and help people to improve their region and their standard of living. In Africa and India services like Skype, WhatsApp do not work. First tests with the beta version of Elvn have shown that it works there and people enjoy using it.

If you want to learn more about Platincoin our webinars, please visit our webinars by clicking on the link below and register for a webinar.

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Here are the links to Elvndownload:

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