Helo LX pre-order phase completed. Now available from stock!

The Helo has been on the market for exactly one year Wor(l)dgn now. The incredible success story continues. At this year's convention, which took place in Bangkok in May, Fabio Galdi, the CEO, presented World Global Network impressive figures. In less than one year 500'000 Helo have been sold. With this figure, Helo is already in fourth place in the wellness and mobile health wristband category Wor(l)d behind the big Fitbit, Garmin and Samsung. By the end of 2017, production will be expanded to 900,000 units. This means that the throne of this promising sector will Wor(l)d be taken in record time.

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If you don't know yet what the Helo LX is, the next section will give you a short summary:

Be your own health manager! Get the Helo LX - the sensation on the current health market!

The Helo LX-health wristband from Wor(l)dgn shows you all essential vital body functions via smartphone. Not only heart rate and calorie consumption, but also blood pressure, breathing rate and sleep quality. You can even have your own personal ECG and a heart stress test with this revolutionary device. Especially great: The brand-new technology enables you to come to the aid of a relative when their vital functions are worrying - thanks to the integrated SOS button! And: With the Lifelog app you can keep the world's first personalized health diary. In it, you link all your vital functions with your personal experiences, including place and date. You can retrieve this vital diary at any time and share it with friends or family. Soon your Helo LX will also show you your blood sugar level and alcohol level. Download the apps you want from the Helo app store! Get your useful health assistant and take your health into your own hands!

You can find further information under: https://Weltisch.com/helo-lx/