Infolio - the first smartphone without electromagnetic radiation

The iPhone has been available in Europe for more than 9 years now. Since then, we can no longer imagine life without a smartphone. It is our daily companion - Whether at home or at work, we spend several hours a day surfing, phoning and playing games.
The fact that the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the smartphone is not good for our bodies is hushed up by the manufacturers. However, it has been proven that electromagnetic radiation has bad effects on our body. Especially when the "source" is placed close to the brain, as is the case with telephoning.
World global network has now developed a smartphone that no longer emits harmful electromagnetic radiation. It is thus the first "electrosmog-free" smartphone in the world. The protective effect has been scientifically confirmed in many years of testing. The Infolio is equipped with the Android operating system and has a very powerful battery which lasts more than 4 days. The smartphone has all the usual features and, thanks to its borderless display, has a larger surface area than comparable devices from Samsung and Co.
If you want to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation but don't want to buy a new smartphone right away, you World global networkstill get your money's worth. Fabio Galdi and his engineers have developed a sticker that flattens the tips of electromagnetic radiation. This sticker can be stuck on mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets.

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