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More reach with Instagram Stories

Snapchat was caught up by the Instagram Stories and not without reason: Instagram manages to provide a platform to show insights from his daily life and at the same time you can publish posts here that stay permanently on the net if you don't delete them. In the meantime, Instagram Stories have also become interesting for entrepreneurs and brands. In addition to the Instagram Feed, the Instagram Stories now also count as part of influenza marketing.

Instagram Stories are becoming more and more interesting for users, as they can only be accessed 24 hours a day. As a user you don't want to miss anything anymore, you can use this way of thinking to win more followers. It is no longer enough to just provide a good Instagram Feed, but you have to inspire your followers daily with Instagram Stories. But how can you use Instagram Stories to extend your reach? In fact, Instagram Stories are the new insider tip for influenza marketing. There are a variety of ways you can use Instagram Stories to extend your reach.


Instagram Stories as a Tool for Influencer Marketing

Every month, Instagram has 700 million users and 250 million users watch Instagram Stories every day. The competitor Snapchat is far behind, since the Instagram Stories have also established themselves with many large influencers. In addition, the numerous features offer many advantages in Instagram Marketing. You can interact with your followers in the Instagram Stories, ask questions or conduct surveys. The evaluations are very helpful to optimize his Instagram Marketing and to find out which content appeals to the audience. Influencer marketing takes on a new dimension with Instagram Stories.


Reach more people through Instagram Stories

By including hashtags in the Instagram Stories, you can reach more users. Instagram has been offering the ability to follow certain hashtags for some time now. If you follow a certain hash tag, you will see the Instagram Stories that have this hash tag next to the Instagram Feed. Interesting content in the Instagram Stories invites potential followers to view the Instagram Feed as well. You can also use the Instagram Stories to draw attention to your Instagram Feed. You have the possibility to note your newest picture in the Instagram Stories, so that you get to the Instagram Feed. It is recommended to partially hide the note in the stories, so that the curiosity is aroused to look at the actual post in the Instagram Feed.


Quality still counts in Instagram Marketing

Exciting content is the be-all and end-all for successful influenza marketing, including Instagram Stories. When providing content, make sure that viewers are invited to interact. Videos are particularly well received by influencermarketing because viewers feel personally addressed. Make sure the hashtags match the content of your Instagram Stories. Also keep in mind that you have to show action: communicate actively with other Instagram users, leave comments, react to their stories and follow people who fit your topic. Possibly here also the possibility of a Crosspromotion arises. In cross-promotion, you link an influencer who, in turn, links you in his stories. In this way, influencers can support each other in instagram marketing. Also make sure that your topic areas match your promotion partner during the cross promotion. Only then is there a high probability that you will generate new followers.


Increase reach with locations and hashtags

I don't advise you to buy followers or likes as they can damage your Instagram account in the long run. It is better if you put your own commitment into it and work independently on your reach. Use the features of Instagram Stories such as the integration of locations or especially well-chosen hashtags. Embedding your whereabouts can immensely increase your reach, on average you can reach 500 percent more people. It can be very helpful to observe other influencers in your subject area and see which hashtags they use in their posts. In addition, it makes sense to use hash tags that are often used, but also hash tags that are not used too often. It is often difficult to climb up in the algorithm of frequently used hashtags. All the more reason to take the chance to make your way to the top of the not so often used hashtags. A good mix of both hashtags increases the success rate.


Teamwork - Instagram Stories and Instagram Feed

Remember that not only the Instagram Stories are crucial for influenza marketing, but also the feed. Even if Instagram Stories offer a lot of potential to extend your reach, you have to stay on the ball with the Instagram Feed. So that you can save yourself work, it is worth planning your Instagram Feed. trend da helps you plan your posts and determine the right time to post. At Trendda you'll find a wide range of helpful tools that will take your influenza marketing to a new level! Check the statistics of your posts and optimize your marketing on Instagram! Trendda automatically posts your posts to your Instagram Feed and you can use the time saved for your Instagram Stories!

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More reach with Instagram Stories

More reach with Instagram Stories Snapchat was caught up by Instagram Stories and not without reason: Instagram manages as a platform to give the opportunity to show insights from his daily life and at the same time you can also post here...
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